Prairie Percussion–For Teachers!


Have you always wanted to brush up on your percussion skills? Does the idea of changing a timpani head terrify you? Check out the tentative schedule below to see if the Prairie Percussion Teacher Workshop is right for you! Designed to address the needs of middle school and high school music teachers this workshop covers playing, maintenance and equipment tips for every part of the percussion section!

Day 1

1 pm

Changing/Tuning Snare Drum Heads—Bring your snare drum with you! If we know in advance (deadline TBD) we will pre-order enough heads and snares so that you can tune and set up your school drum and take it back in the fall in great condition!

2:30 pm

Reading Mallet Percussion—Tips and exercises to help young players move around the keyboard and develop skills related to reading music and following a conductor while looking less at the keyboard.

3:30 pm

Review of Snare Drum Technique—We’ll go over basic grip and technique as well as exercises for developing your concert roll and accent/sticking patterns.

6:00 pm

Cymbals, Tambourines and Triangle, Quality Control!—We’ll review basic techniques on these instruments as well as do side by side comparisons on all three instruments showing some of  the various options in sizes, materials and quality.

7:30 pm

Latin Grooves—We’ll cover basic grooves and accessory playing, conga and bongo patterns as well as accompanying maraca, clave, and cow bell patterns

Day 2

1 pm

Introduction to Four Mallet Marimba—A Review of the various 4 mallet methods and basic exercises to help develop technique.

2:30 pm

Tuning Timpani: Gauges, Pedal Tuning and Fine Tuners—Setting and clearing timpani heads as well tips and tricks for showing students how to tune intervals and what to do if you don’t have gauges!

4 pm

Set-ups and Switches—playing more than one instrument! Join us for a percussion ensemble workshop that will show you just how awkward and stressful all of that instrument switching can be! Covering more than one part or figuring out what to eliminate from busy scores will also be discussed.

5:30 pm

Open Forum and Dinner—Bring your questions, comments, problems, ideas, concerns and you’ll have a panel of percussionists, both performers and educators, to talk with. This is a chance to ask any questions that have come to mind or weren’t answered in the other sessions!


Proposed Fee: $190 per participant

Registration minimum=5 Registration maximum=10

Contact Victoria for more information!