This is it! (the last concert in the Great Hall!)


I am overjoyed to be saying good bye to the Great Hall (which, let’s be honest, is not that great…) and to be moving into our new facilities in the new construction attached to the Tache building, the new home of the Desautels Faculty of Music on the University of Manitoba Campus!

The percussion studio was moved over the Great Hall as a “temporary” storage and rehearsal space in 2004 and we can’t wait to get settled into our new home, but I also think its important to celebrate the achievements of the past, and to remember where we’ve come from.

The current students won’t remember the days when rehearsals were held in the Taché Auditorium (this was before my time) and equipment was carried in and out of there several times a week… I’ve heard a rumour that our old Deagan marimba enjoyed a trip down a short flight of stairs in those days…

From there we moved on to the joys of the annex, a former lab, turned percussion studio, with a drum set practice area in a retired walk-in freezer! Good Times!

…and now we are in the Great Hall Kitchen (yes, the back of a former cafeteria kitchen, though it was still a functioning kitchen when we first got there, talk about a great way to make friends…!) and this summer we will be moving to our new home. As Rachel and Monica would say “Its the End of an Era!”

To Celebrate, we are having a Dance Party! A lighthearted concert of classic (and sometimes hoaky) pop tunes.  I am so excited to be debuting the University of Manitoba Alumni Percussion Ensemble, made up of U of M percussion grades from 1982-2015! This group will play, along with the current U of M percussion ensemble and we will trade dance sets and reminisce and celebrate as we get ready to move forward into our next chapter!


The concert will be in the Great Hall at University College on March 24, 2017 at 7:30pm. You won’t want to miss this one!